Navigating Veneer Emergencies: Your Guide to Immediate Care

Navigating Veneer Emergencies: Your Guide to Immediate Care

Welcome to Aeris Family Dental, where your smile is our top priority. Nestled in the vibrant communities of Rita Ranch and Pantano in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Lan Allen and his expert team are committed to ensuring your dental veneers receive the best care, especially in unexpected emergencies. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps to take when facing a veneer crisis.

Understanding Veneers and Their Vulnerabilities:

Dental veneers, a cornerstone of cosmetic dentistry at Aeris Family Dental, offer a stunning transformation for many smiles. However, like any dental solution, they have their vulnerabilities. These thin, custom-made shells, though durable, can be compromised by accidents or unforeseen incidents. Recognizing the potential risks and understanding the nature of veneers will empower you to act swiftly and effectively in emergency situations.

Immediate Steps to Take in a Veneer Emergency:

In the event of a veneer mishap, staying calm is paramount. Immediately contact Aeris Family Dental at 520-412-4900 for Rita Ranch or 520-655-6988 for Pantano. Our team, led by Dr. Lan Allen, will provide immediate advice and arrange an urgent appointment. Quick action can make a significant difference in the outcome of your veneer emergency.

How to Protect the Damaged Area:

Before you can visit us, it’s crucial to protect the affected area. If a veneer fragment has come loose, try to save it in a clean container. Cover any sharp edges with dental wax or sugar-free gum to prevent injury to your tongue or cheeks. Avoid chewing on the damaged side and minimize pressure on the affected tooth to prevent further damage.

Contacting Your Dentist: What Information to Provide:

When calling our office, provide a detailed account of the incident. This information helps Dr. Allen and our team to assess your situation more accurately and prepare for your visit. A clear description of the accident, the current condition of the damaged veneer, and any discomfort you are experiencing are valuable details for our team.

Professional Dental Care for Damaged Veneers:

Upon your arrival at Aeris Family Dental, Dr. Lan Allen will conduct a thorough examination of the damaged veneer. Depending on the severity, options like repair or replacement will be considered. Our goal is to swiftly restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile with minimal discomfort.

Prevention Tips: Protecting Your Veneers from Damage:

Preventive care is key in avoiding future veneer emergencies. Dr. Allen advocates for regular dental check-ups and adherence to veneer care tips. Avoiding hard foods, wearing a mouthguard during sports, and practicing good oral hygiene can significantly lower the risk of damaging your veneers.


Veneer emergencies can be distressing, but with Aeris Family Dental by your side in Rita Ranch and Pantano, Tucson, AZ, your smile’s beauty and health are in safe hands. Remember, Dr. Lan Allen and our dedicated team are just a phone call away at 520-412-4900 or 520-655-6988 for any dental emergencies or inquiries. Let us help you keep your smile bright and resilient.

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